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studiopepe x once milano wall hanging

studiopepe x once milano wall hanging

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The frame is reminiscent of tree bark and supports fabrics with textures that are both strong and soft — fabrics on which irregular brushstrokes are inextricably intertwined with wool threads that speak of femininity.

Printed heavy weight linen with wool embroidery.


The wall hanging is available in three colour variants.

Due to the different techniques combined in making these items, crafting them from order takes a minimum of twelve weeks.

Shipping costs have to be calculated by our office because of the special nature of this product and you will be contacted to arrange payment.

Please contact if you would like more information before placing your order.

These wall hangings are part of the “SIBYLLE” collection, the first collaboration between Studiopepe and Once Milano.

The mythical Sibyls of Graeco-Roman antiquity, after which “SIBYLLE” is named, were deemed to be endowed with sensibility. As such, they were believed to have the capacity to probe the recesses of the material world through their senses. They were equally said to be capable of perceiving the “subtle” world, i.e., that world which remains hidden from most — a world that can only be contemplated through the eyes of one’s heart.

According to Studiopepe, “SIBYLLE” is a celebration of the senses viewed as precious tools for exploring and interpreting reality: “[A celebration of] the sense of touch, through textures that are rich and essential at the same time, much like the bush-hammered stone of the lamps and the embossed designs; [a celebration of] the sense of sight, through the colours of an enveloping and deep palette, itself the expression of the inner world; [a celebration of] the sense of hearing, through the light and seductive sound of crushed linen."



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