Caring for Your Linen


Since Once Milano began, our aim has been always to create the most beautiful items that are enjoyable and easy for our clients to care for.

All items are prepared in our production house in Castello di Godego in the Veneto region, an area rich with textile traditions and expert craftsmen who contribute to the exquisite finishes of Once Milano items.

We have outlined how to care for your linen and why there may be some variation of colour and size with your items.


We use the dyeing technique of garment dying which means we dye the ‘ready to dye’ sewn item in our colours. This is what creates the exceptional depth and nuances of colour and texture of our items.

While our expert local dyers follow the same ‘recipe’ each time they dye one of our colours, there can be slight variations between each batch. These slight variations and nuances found in garment dyed pieces mimic what the eye sees in nature and is part of what we love about garment dyeing.


We suggest washing at 30, using gentle detergents and no bleach.

Please be sure not to mix colours and to wash the same colours/any sets together to ensure uniform appearance.


Quilts and Blankets - dry clean only

Velvet collection – dry clean only

Studiopepe x Once Milano collection – dry clean only

Tasselled Throws – do not iron

Items with macrame and Sicily lace detailing – no special care needed, wash and iron as indicated for all our linen

Items with piping –piping items are safe to wash as the piping used is colour secure

Items with rolled hem - the rolled hems on our rolled hem napkins are safe to wash as the detailing used is colour secure

Waxed items: this item is designed not to need washing. For any food or drink spilt, simply wipe with a damp cloth.

It can be washed at 30° but after a number of washing cycles the coating will be degraded. Iron should not be used on the coated side.


While linen is stronger than many fabrics, like all fabrics, it will be damaged by extreme heat in both washing and drying.

For soft/fluffy results: tumble dry and steam iron. To reduce creasing, do not overload the dryer and remove the linen as soon as it is completely dry.

For a fine linen effect: air dry or tumble dry and when It is still a little damp, iron.


There can be slight variation in the sizes between items due to the dynamic nature of the fabric and the nature of hand finishing.

Linen is a flexible fibre and unlike stone, it can change size depending on how it is treated.

Our linen is pre-washed before you receive it so there should be little change in size but washing, drying and ironing at high temperatures may cause some variation.

We want you to enjoy your items and please do contact us at if you have any further questions regarding caring for your item.