Once Milano x Homecourt : The Dressing gown

Once Milano is delighted to announce a new collaboration with Homecourt and its founder, Courteney Cox.  Building on the success of the dishcloth / waist apron launched in January 2024, Homecourt has worked closely with Once Milano to create the perfect robe.

"Years ago, a dear friend gifted me a Once Milano Dressing Robe, and it quickly became a beloved staple in my daily routine. Today, I’m excited to share another collaboration with the incredible Once Milano, whose robe, the Dressing Gown, I’ve cherished and worn every day for years". 

Courteney's words say a lot about her homecare brand's philosophy being extended to whatever makes people feel the pleasure of at-home-living: "Getting dressed to leave the house is one thing, but people shouldn't overlook the importance of dressing to stay in: throw one dressing gown on and you are dressed for home".  

With this in mind, the Dressing Gown is the perfect match of comfort and functionality: crafted from the finest linen, cut in an elegantly classic design and custom-dyed in an exclusive hue of Homecourt's signature green, it accomplishes Homecourt's mission to bring luxury and style to your daily life. : "It's so elegant and it only becomes more comfortable over time", says Courteney, "I'm excited to extend this partnership, offering you pieces that make even the simplest moments feel special". 

Allegra Marchiorello, founder of Once Milano, shares Courteney’s vision and says "Once Milano and Homecourt both share a commitment to creating items for the home that are beautifully crafted and pleasurable to use. It is such a joy to collaborate with a founder and a company whose values and approach is so aligned with ours."

Both Courteney and Allegra are thrilled about this new project, inspired by a deep appreciation of the quality and the Italian craftsmanship of Once Milano items and Homecourt’s commitment to celebrating simple, everyday moments within the home with luxurious pieces. 

Visit homecourt.co to buy the Once Milano dressing gown.